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At a  meeting of the Mangement Committee of MVH  on the 20th January the following officers were appointed: Chairman: Graham Rennick Treasurer: Rob Norton. Secretary: Jean McErlain. Bookings Secretary: Esther Finch. This was the first meeting of the newly extended committee including representative members of some of the user organisations and the first of a monthly sequence that will be held for the duration of the building project with the intention of closely monitoring progress. The Management Committee reiterated their call for as yet unrepresented user organisation to put forward a member attend these meetings. It is important that all organisations have an input into decisions that will inevitably affect them.  User organisation members can attend as observers but would have more influence were they to vounteer as Trustees, as only Trustees can vote. The position of Trustee does not carry with it any onerous responsibilities, apart from that of acting in a manner beneficial to the Hall and it's users. Dates for subsequent meetings will be advertised in due course.