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Update on the Village Hall You are all no doubt aware that the Village Hall is for the time being closed for all use. The regular users have all been notified by the Bookings Secretary. Enquiries for future bookings please only contact the Bookings Secretary. All contracts have been signed and the contractor, Phil Calcott, has moved security items to the Hall but is unlikely to be able to continue with the work for the present time. We will of course keep the Villagers informed with any progress. At the EGM it was explained that there was a small short fall for the build project but with additional donations and grants this has been met and we can say that there is now £5845 in the account to help pay for all the necessary items, curtains, chairs, tables and a terrace. Funding from any further grants will be an ongoing task but any more donations, no matter how small, will always be extremely welcome and useful. To this end we are very pleased to say that a Fund Raising Group has been set up led by Chris Drake & Mella Worley. They have already been very hard at work devising some amazing Fund Raising Events which was to start on Easter Monday 13th April with a Bunny Breakfast & Easter Egg Hunt. Unfortunately this event will be postponed to a later date. Please contact Chris or Mella on 01258 8320645 / chris@christine-drake.com If you would like to help or have ideas for other events The Village Hall Management Team
The EGM meeting
Build contracts being signed
IMPORTANT NOTICE In light of the recent Government advice on social distancing, it has been decided that the Village Hall will be closed until further notice.  This will be kept under review as Government policy evolves.  We do look forward to people  and activities resuming in the Hall as soon as the Government advises it is safe. In the meantime, please stay well.