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Marnhull Village Hall

Marnhull, with a population of 2000 people, lies in the Blackmore Vale and is well provided for with churches, shops and pubs. It is an active community with many sports clubs and organisations which meet regularly at the Village Hall. The hall is situated in the heart of the village adjacent to the Recreation Ground, Cricket Pitch, Tennis Courts and a Children’s Play area.
Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) Saturday 8th February 11.00 am at the Hall All Marnhull residents are entitled to attend and vote (over 18yrs only to vote)  The Building Project  The recent receipt of an anonymous local £25,000 gift and the award of the VAT-related £21,000 grant mean that the ‘extension option’ has just become within our grasp. Given the changed circumstances the Trustees are inviting all Marnhull residents to this EGM with the opportunity to review the AGM decision.   The building contract can still accommodate the alternative ‘extension option’ if there is a majority decision in favour of that at the Meeting. We apologise for the shortness of notice but there are some technical matters which need to be sorted quite quickly i.e. signing off of the contract with the contractor to secure other grants.  The Village Hall Trustees 24 January 2020  Additional News & information  The Village Hall Improvement work is being over seen by a group of people on behalf of the Village Hall Trustees and known as the Build Project Group. This Group has been operational for over a year now and has been there to, initially, liaise with Architects and Surveyors and more recently help with the Tender of Contractors process. Following the AGM in November 2019, a Contractor has now been appointed – Calcott Construction – and the first phase to replace and improve the current Toilet facilities and build some much-needed additional storage space should begin in early March. Our chosen Contractor is based and works locally and has vowed to ‘work around us’ as far as humanly possible.   The Build Project Group (BPG) – reporting directly to the Trustees ( Management Committee) - sees its job to alert our Villagers, and especially those in regular attendance, to any times when there may be potential conflict and find a way to keep the Hall running as smoothly as possible. As the work progress, the need for consultation and liaison with the Hall’s regular village users will become paramount and a detailed plan will be announced shortly and circulated as widely as is feasible around the Village.  The BPG is currently made up of interested and appropriately experienced Villagers as follows:  John Dowsett (Trustee) - voluntary and work background in village halls, and in building management and development; Peter McErlain (Trustee) - I have spent most of my working life in and around the Building Industry, in both practical and consultative roles; Julie Reeves – has lived in Marnhull for 4 years, and has experience of business project management and self-build (domestic) projects; Graham Renwick - layman - acts as liaison for the Build Group with the Management Committee and is The Chair of the Trustees of MVH. Andrew Webb - I have been involved with various building project , some personal and some involved with my former employment;  Any questions or comments should be directed to  marnhullprojectbuildgroup2020@gmail.com