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Marnhull Village Hall

Marnhull, with a population of 2000 people, lies in the Blackmore Vale and is well provided for with churches, shops and pubs. It is an active community with many sports clubs and organisations which meet regularly at the Village Hall. The hall is situated in the heart of the village adjacent to the Recreation Ground, Cricket Pitch, Tennis Courts and a Children’s Play area.
Marnhull Village Hall - AGM    On November 15th, 77 people attended the Annual AGM of the Village Hall and apart from routine matters, two major issues were addressed.  The Building Project  After many years of discussion, consultation and planning, the main item on the agenda was to decide on the three options proposed for addressing the requirements for the improvement of the toilet facilities, more space in the main Hall and better storage.    Full explanations were given of the proposals and the different options, along with the process, the difficulties and Marnhull’s success in obtaining various grants in an increasingly difficult climate.    The Trustees proposed Option 3, which was currently affordable with £144,000 held in cash and pledges against a total project cost of £141,000.  This comprised building new toilets including disabled toilet and baby changing facilities, establishing a new store in the existing men’s toilet area and taking out the existing stage, converting that area for flexible use with a mobile stage use and alternatively as an addition to the main hall floor space, and creating a new large store at the east side of the building.  Provision of mobile staging and ancillary equipment was also included. This meant not proceeding with the originally proposed extension at the western end of the Hall, an option which would cost around £40,000 more.   With tenders due to expire shortly and the possibility of losing some grant funding and the fact that further funding was not a given, the Trustees recommended that the AGM accepted this proposal.  A long discussion took place, with the removal of the stage being the main issue.  Provision has been made for mobile staging, but a permanent fixed stage was very attractive to some, and mobile stages had various drawbacks for some users.  A vote was taken on the motion to authorise expenditure of up to £144,000 for the building work and associated costs as  described above, with the result of 57 in favour and 20 against.  The motion was thus carried.  The Constitution and Governance  At a time when the Village Hall was embarking on a major building project, it was essential that an effective management structure was in place, in line with the Constitution.  On the proposal of a working group it was unanimously agreed that a series of four steps be taken to establish a new  Management Committee of Trustees.  This would comprise up to six Trustees elected by the AGM, up to 18 chosen by Hall user organisations, and up to three co-opted.  This would  ensure that the responsibility for decision taking and managing the organisation would be widely spread and the workload shared.    A message from the Village Hall Trustees  There were many issues  involved in this Building Project and there was never going to be an outcome that satisfied all.  We recommended what we felt was the best way forward from the current position reached with a vast amount of professional and voluntary effort over five years.  It seemed the best way of meeting the apparent needs and wishes of the village and users with the money available at this time. We hope that as the project moves on the differences and disappointments will recede.  We would like to thank all of those who have contributed so much in time, effort and funds over the years.  It has been a tough journey but moving forward we can improve this wonderful village asset for all to enjoy.  Thank you; we wish all in Marnhull a Happy Christmas and New Year!   Marnhull Village Hall Trustees.