The Hall inside and out! What a difference
Message from the Secretary Jean McErlain
Winners Lottery June 30th Draw Congratulations to: Prize Ticket Name 150 2503 Peter and Lynne Wood 100 2466 Sue Piper 50 2205 Mella Worley 50 2452 Helen Butler 50 2137 Ann Davis Penson Don’t forget to renew your lottery ticket. See the July edition of ‘The Marnhull Messenger
Updated 03/07/22
The Management Committee were pleased to see the village clubs and societies returning to the Village Hall following the completion of the building project and the lifting of restrictions due to Covid-19. We hope you are all enjoying the new facilities in a safe environment. We would like to thank all those who took part in the chair ballot, which is now progressting following the addition of a chair borrowed from Okeford Fitzpaine Village Hall. Once the final results are available, we will be purchasing the new chairs. If you have any comments on this or any other information or concern about the Village Hall, please send these to, Meetings of the Management Committee are now being held bi-monthlly and the next meeting will be in July. Jean McErlain Secretary