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Last updated 15/03/2021
. User Groups had the chance to visit the Hall on Tuesday 22nd December, when they were invited to walk through the refurbished hall (All socially distanced!) There were some really encouraging comments about how the whole nature of the hall has changed. Overheard comments: ‘It seems so much bigger, There is so much more light, The decoration is really pleasing to the eye, It will be a pleasure to be back here, The flooring is fantastic.’
Welcome to the refurbished Village Hall and 2021
Opening Plans The plan, as announced, was to open the hall for use very early in the new year.......but events have, sadly, overtaken all our aspirations. So, once again users' hopes and plans will need to be, at least temporarily, on hold. Please watch this space as we begin to populate the new web site section, headed 'some useful reading', with information ready for the 'big day' whenever and as soon as it comes.
Job well done Graham and John!
Village Hall Supporters Club After ten years of running the Supporters Club, Shirley Blackford has stepped down. Thank you to Shirley for so valiantly carrying on the work started by her husband Cliff and making such a success of it over the years. Details of the revamped scheme are to be found on the Supporters Club Page. If you haven’t already joined please do! Over two hundred tickets already sold!