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A message from the Village Hall Management Committee April 2020  We extend our thoughts to all while the Hall is closed and life in Marnhull,  the country and throughout the world is severely affected. We are particularly aware of those whose lives revolved around the village organisations which have had to curtail their social programmes and activities. The mutual support and comfort of people meeting together face-to-face has been drastically curbed. While many have learned to become more adept online it's not the same, but it's better than nothing and in some cases a lifeline. We are all very fortunate to live in such a supportive community where people are finding many ways to keep in touch and help one another during such extraordinary times. We look forward very much to the time when all our village organisations can resume their activities and the Village Hall can once again offer its normal, and ultimately extended and improved, facilities.  There will be updates as soon as circumstances change. With our very best wishes to all throughout this 'difficult' time
Updates on bookings and the building project appear on the NEWS page Last updated 24/10/2020
If you have been up to the Rec you will see that the framework and glazing on the new extension is now completed and makes a fantastic improvement. Inside the main hall the new windows give so much light. All the major building work for the new toilets has been completed, just the usual finishing off and painting to be done.The original men’s toilets has been turned into a storage area and now that plastering has been completed, the hanging of the doors and painting can be started. So, what's left to do? There’s still a long list but the end is in sight: the wooden cladding to the new extension, the new flooring to the main hall, fixtures and fittings to the toilets and painting, these are just some of the main areas to be completed. Very soon work on building the new terrace in front of the extension will commence. One or two details as yet to be completed...but already it looks a distinct improvement!
Shades of things to come Front elevation ready for cladding Behind all this work, Chris Drake, Mella Worley and Ann Davis along with their fantastic team, have been raising money which will go towards buying and paying for all those items not covered in the building budget, such as new main curtains, chairs and tables and paving for the terrace. A huge thank you to all concerned. All the Terms & Conditions for hiring are been updated and new H&S policies being prepared. The Trustees are working on the Covid safe strategy for when the Hall reopens. And the burning question as to when the Hall will re-open ??? It is hoped the end of Nov - but with all building work there could always be the unexpected delay. More pictures on the News page The Greening of the Village Hall As well as improving the facilities and size of the village hall, the hall will become a ‘greener’ place as well. Solar panels now line the roof which will ensure that the Village Hall can generate and export substantial amounts of electricity to the grid. The lighting has been replaced with low energy LED units. All this would not have been possible without the generous support of Dorset Council and the European Regional Development fund.
Work has been forging ahead over the last few weeks!
AGM Tuesday 24th November Zoom Meeting 7:00pm (Please see Activies Page for joining instructions) All documents on Activities Page